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macchine fusione

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Casting based on centrifugal casting is an industrial manufacturing process during which a liquid material (metal) is injected into a revolving die (mold) with a round shape. The centrifugal force produced by the rotation helps to fill the die by pushing the cast material against the internal walls of the mold.

After the material has solidified, the mold is opened so that the part can be removed. Final products can be either semi-finished that require further superficial treatment or finished. Centrifugal casting is particularly suitable for the production of cast parts with rubber moulds.

Nicem has revolutionized standards in this field by introducing a series of centrifugal casting machines that offer high outputs combined with maximum reliability. The innovative features and solid design of Nicem’s centrifugal casting machines have enabled it to become a leading supplier in this field. All machines and systems can be both integrated in automatic production lines and used in standalone mode. The types of items that can be produced with these machines range from buckles and accessories for leatherwear to costume jewelry, promotional items and figurines in zinc and tin alloys. All models are designed to provide maximum quality for small production batches and maximum quality and affordability for larger batches.



Nicem’s new generation machines guarantee quality, accuracy and speed, and are supplied as standard with automatic features and innovative software applications to allow customers to leverage state-of-the-art technologies to produce large volumes at convenient prices. Centrifugal casting systems are constituted by several machines that individually perform the specific operations required to complete the full process. “Professional” casting systems feature a manual or automatic vulcanizer with heated decks, an electronic centrifuge with one or more workstations and an electric or gas automatic furnace.

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