Laboratory Presses for Rubbers


Laboratory vulcanizing Press for Rubbers P 350 LAB D


Laboratory press for the preparation of plates or samples in silicon and organic rubber. This press can also be used to manufacture or sample industrial gaskets and moulds for stamps.

Manufacturing characteristics

The press is entirely made of electro-welded steel. The movement of the mobile top is controlled by four columns in order to guarantee its parallelism with the fixed top.
The core of the press is constituted by the hydraulic assembly that comprises: a motor, a high pressure pump (working pressure) and a low pressure pump (for lifting and lowering operations), a solenoid valve, a pressure switch and a check valve.


 The press features decks heated by electric resistances, which are independently managed by two temperature regulators. The heating system is designed to guarantee a consistent distribution of temperature along the whole surface of the decks.


The press is completely automatic and also enables the user to adjust the opening of the plates during the degassing cycle, the maximum opening of the heated decks and the maximum working pressure.
The press also has an automatic degassing feature that eliminates the air from the inside of the vulcanizing rod.

Buttons and controls

The press comes with a low voltage centralized control panel with the following items:
·    Emergency mushroom head button
·    Button to start the cycle
·    Button to start the lowering operation
·    Two temperature regulators to control and adjust the temperature of the heated decks
·    Timer to program the vulcanizing cycle
·    Programmer for the degassing cycle
·    Pressure gauge to control the vulcanizing pressure

Safety features

The machine has been manufactured in compliance with EC safety standards. The protection door with safety limit switch prevents the working decks from reaching the clamping area. The implemented safety features do not limit the range of movements of operators.

Technical specifications

Flat heating surface 350×350 mm
Max. opening between the decks 240 mm
Maximum clamping force 25000 kg
Installed power 4500 W
Voltage 230/400 V
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Dimensions 700x790x1470 mm
Weight 680 kg

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