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What is vibrofinishing?

vibrofinutura Vibrofinishing or tumbling is a batch processing technique used to improve the surface of objects with different shapes and characteristics.

This treatment actually involves carrying out a series of processes in order to burr, polish and smooth the most diverse objects (that are generally made of metal, but sometimes of other materials) in batch without having to handle them individually.


The treatment involves mechanically producing a “rubbing” between two parts or rather between a part and another abrasive or non abrasive object, in order to modify its surface.

The movement required to perform vibrofinishing is produced by means of a specific machine or system. The abrasive or media is the tool that interacts with the part to be treated, while the chemical product aids the contact between the part and abrasive by improving lubrication and chemically changing its characteristics.

The advantages of vibrofinishing are the following:

  • Cost reductions: the need of performing a smaller number of manual operations significantly reduces costs.
  • Faster cycle time: processing times are much faster as compared to traditional technologies.
  • User-friendliness: customers can not only handle lots and volumes of varying dimensions, but can also achieve maximum quality regardless of the amount handled.
  • Practical and fast maintenance operations: all systems have a compact designed and are manufactured with high quality and long-lasting components.
  • Flexibility: all systems offer flexible production cycles, along with maximum quality and affordable costs.