Our History


Nicem S.p.A. is a family-run company, founded in 1970 by Romeo Nicetto with the help of his father Mario.

Chapter 1: A 360° project

The founder’s idea was to create a company that could offer customers a complete service: machinery, consumables and accessories. At the beginning, production included machines for centrifugal casting (presses, centrifuges and furnaces, products for making silicone rubber moulds) and machines for vibrofinishing (chips and compounds for every type of surface processing).

Chapter 2: Guarantee of quality

In 1982, an analysis laboratory was integrated within the company, entirely dedicated to the quality control of raw materials and the continuous search for innovative solutions.

Since 2010, the research and development department has been supervised by the founder’s first grandson, Roberto Nicetto, to implement and modify the products always in line with new market needs. In fact, guaranteeing the highest quality of raw materials is one of Nicem’s main objectives.

Chapter 3: From creation to expansion

In 1985 Nicem expanded into its definitive headquarters, in a structure of 15,000 square meters of covered surface area, dedicated to both production and import/export management and administration.

Since 1995, Dr. Stefano Nicetto, partner of Nicem and second son of the founder, is the administrative director of the company.

Chapter 4: Ambition – Get into more demanding fields

The commitment and attention to quality have led Nicem to venture into new sectors, where precision and attention to detail are essential. Thus began the production of silicone rubber for the jewellery field.

Dario Nicetto, partner of Nicem and eldest son of the founder, manages the production of silicone rubbers, also covering the role of Export Manager and Chemical Engineer.

Chapter 5: Get into more demanding fields 2.0

Quality, precision and technological innovation are Nicem’s objectives. This led to the creation of the P LAB line, rubber laboratory presses up to 100 TON, used in sectors where very high precision parameters are required.

Design and production have been managed since 2019 by the second grandson Alex Nicetto.

Chapter 6: The surprise of the multiple applications of our products

In 1998, given the experience in the field of vibrofinishing, which uses vibrating machines for surface finishing, the professional catering section was born. The same system, in fact, can be used for drying and polishing cutlery without detergents, using corn cob granulate.

This sector has been followed since 2015 by the third granddaughter, Cristina Nicetto.

Born from a father and son project and proudly handed down from generation to generation, Nicem still remains a family-run business today.

Nicem, synonyms of reliability and certainty from 1970.