About us



Nicem is an Italian company that since 1970 has been designing and manufacturing machines, plants and products for different fields:

Spin casting

Lost-wax micorcasting

Silicone and organic rubbers for spin casting and microcasting



Rubber-laboratory presses

Professional Catering

Furnaces for abrasive discs

Industrial washing machines

The cooperation with our customers and the new demands are our drive to improve ourselves and to satisfy specific needs. Many of our plants, in fact, are custom-made for our clients.

Our Story…

Nicem is a family-managed born in 1970.

Our Mission…

Our goal is to offer solutions for processes from beginning to end.

Our Training Courses…

We hold courses after the purchase of our products.

Nicem World…

We collaborate with resellers and clients all over the World, and all keep choosing Nicem’s Made-in-Italy quality.

Nicem, synonymous of reliability and certainty from 1970.