05/10/2022 Nicem



Vibrofinishing is a process in which metallic or non-metallic objects are treated en masse, with the aim of smoothing the surfaces by reducing surface roughness, thus giving brilliance and shine, or to remove the burrs produced by a previous production phase, such as in casting, die casting , precision casting, CNC machining, blanking, etc.

The surface finishing process involves the use of inserts, called chips or media, and specific chemical compounds which have the function of cleansing, degreasing, polishing, brightening, smoothing and passivating the treated objects.

Depending on the process and machinery used, different results can be obtained.

Nicem offers a wide range of abrasive and non-abrasive media, such as polyester, urea, ceramic and porcelain chips, steel, wood, corn cob, walnut shell, etc., to satisfy every need. In combination with the media, Nicem also supplies the chemical products for the vibrofinishing processes.

Discover all our products in the catalogue, the various sizes of chips and the various compounds depending on the object to be vibrofinished.